"Committed to the restoration of wild Pacific salmon in mid Vancouver
Island watersheds through habitat restoration and community engagement"
"Committed to the restoration of wild Pacific salmon in mid Vancouver
Island watersheds through habitat restoration and community engagement"

Beach seining along the shoreline on each side of the Englishman River Estuary

bigrockfish3.jpgWhat an awesome diversity and number of fish we caught in our (relatively) small net at four sites! We netted hundreds of pipefish, Staghorn and Buffalo Sculpin, hundreds of juvenile flatfish, about a hundred Midshipmen, loads of Kelp Crab, Kelp Greenling, Sandlance, many Shiner Perch, Ghost Shrimp, and even some of what we were looking for - chum salmon smolts - and more!

The beach seine surveys are supervised by Fisheries Biologist, Dave Clough, with help from MVIHES volunteers and funded by Georgia Basin Vancouver Island Living Rivers. We'll be going out again in early June. Check the Current Events Calendar for dates if you want to become involved.

Broom Blitz

Distribution of scotch broom in estuaryMVIHES would like to invite you to help eradicate the masses of broom on the west side of the Englishman River estuary  on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 10 am or 1 pm.

Our Project Manager, Faye, will greet people at Surfside RV park (foot of Corfield Street in Parksville) at 9:45 for the morning crew and 12:45 for the afternoon crew.  She will provide instructions on the effective removal of the broom and then we can all go through the private gate together.   If you arrive late, please go to the RV Park office and ask for entry through the gate.

The Broombusters will bring some loppers, but if you have your own, hand held pruners or appropriate shovels please bring them.  You are welcome to work for as long or short of time as you would like.  We look forward to seeing you out there!

PERS Conference

persconferenceresize.jpgMichele Deakin and Faye Smith attended the Pacific Estuarine Research Society (PERS) conference at VIU in Nanaimo April 30 and May 1. They presented the Caring for the Englishman River Estuary and Nearshore bio-inventory and volunteer monitoring project with a power point lecture and a conference poster. A non-profit society,PERS brings together persons actively engaged in estuarine and coastal research and management on the Pacific Coast of North America for informal discussion and exchange of ideas for educational purposes. Presenting in Nanaimo were delegates from BC, Washington State, Oregon, California and Alaska.

Englishman River Estuary Bio-Inventory and Volunteer Monitoring Document

The following links take you to segments of the final report that was prepared for the Caring for the Englishman River Estuary Project co-ordinated by MVIHES. The links will open a Adobe Acrobat file that you are then free to save to your computer.

Report Text

Executive Summary
Title Page, Table of Contents and Introduction
Section 1: Englishman River Fish Survey and Water Quality
Section 2: Vascular Plants, Plant Communities and Ecosystems
Section 3: Terrestrial Fauna
Section 4: Mapping Special Places and Features
Section 5: Invasive Species
Section 6: Nearshore Studies
Section 7: Public Participation
Section 8: Conclusions
Management Recommendations
Literature Cited and References


The following links are the maps referred to within the text

Map 1: Seine Sites
Map 2: Salmon Habitat
Map 3: 1976 Plant Communities Kennedy
Map 3: 1976 Legend
Map 4: 2008 Plant Communities
Map 4: 2008 Legend
Map 5: Scotch Broom
Map 6: Shoreline Hardening
Map 7: Shoreline Anthropogenic Features
Map 8: Shoreline Modified
Map 9: Shoreline Riparian
Map 10: Eelgrass Haegele
Map 11: Eelgrass MVIHES
Map 12: Eelgrass MVIHES Haegele
Map 13: Eelgrass Hardening Legend
Map 13: Eelgrass Hardening
Map 14: Forage Fish
Map 15: Forage Fish Eelgrass
Map 15: Forage Fish Eelgrass Legend
Map 16: Forage Fish Eelgrass Modified
Map 16: Forage Fish Eelgrass Modified Legend


The following links are the photos referred to within the text

Photo 1: Fish Seine Sites
Photo 2: Volunteer Effort
Photo 3: Volunteer Sampling
Photo 4: Vegetation and Invasive Species
Photo 5: Canada Goose Impacts
Photo 6: Other Impacts and Special Places
Photo 7: Nearshore
Photo 8: Nearshore
Photo 9: Public Involvement

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