"Committed to the recovery of wild Pacific salmon in mid Vancouver
Island watersheds through habitat restoration and community engagement"
"Committed to the restoration of wild Pacific salmon in mid Vancouver
Island watersheds through habitat restoration and community engagement"

Watershed Health and You


flowmonitoringThe future of the Englishman River Watershed is at a crossroads.  Many reports and studies have provided a strong foundation in restoring the river's natural features and functions but today's challenge is to develop a framework of restoration and monitoring that will maintain the health of the watershed.  Using the Status of the Englishman River Watershed as a starting point, the Englishman River Watershed Health and YOU initiative aims to engage our local community in recognizing the importance of the watershed, and become involved in activities that will help to protect their own watersheds.  While MVIHES is focusing on the Englishman River Watershed, any stewardship group could use some of the basics we are developing. 


The first thing we did was to commission an assessment of the condition of the watershed at present. Fisheries Biologist, Dave Clough, of DR Clough Consulting, took on the task of providing a Habitat Status Report of the ER Watershed according to the guidelines in the Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Wild Salmon Policy.

From the Assessment we were able to extract a number of indicators of a healthy watershed that would be possible to be monitored by volunteers – given that they would be trained by professionals in procedures, methodology and reporting.

HabitatTrainingMVIHES is engaging our local community by offering public workshops to grow the local knowledge and understanding of our watershed.  Some have already been offered, and as more are planned we will advertise them on the website and in the local papers.  Experience has shown that as understanding grows a community's commitment strengthens and they are inspired to act.  The program depends on partnerships and various sources of funding. Nearly everything we do feeds into the program because our ultimate goal has always been the protection of this important watershed.


MVIHES also offers training to those interested in taking on an active role in the watershed.  Training and volunteer opportunities include:






                             Water Quality and Flow Monitoring







Fish Monitoring

Operate downstream traps to enumerate salmon smolts

Rescue salmon fry stranded in pools in the river during dry summer months





Observe Record Report

Take the Streamkeepers Certification Course and learn more

Photo Point Monitoring

Take photos at key areas on the river and at special sites like the claybanks

Restoration Structures

Participate in a systematic review of all fish habitat structures installed since 2002  (Photo at right)

Invasive Species Monitoring

Participate in monitoring and removal of invasive species


If you think you'd be able to help meet this objective, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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