"Committed to the recovery of wild Pacific salmon in mid Vancouver
Island watersheds through habitat restoration and community engagement"
"Committed to the restoration of wild Pacific salmon in mid Vancouver
Island watersheds through habitat restoration and community engagement"

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Stewards

If you enjoy the outdoors, and want to spend time in your watershed while making a difference to its health, contact us! We are looking for dedicated stewards to help conduct fish surveys, assess and restore fish habitat, monitor water flow and quality, remove invasive species, and plant shrubs and tree seedlings beside creeks. 

Check out the ongoing activities below to see where MVIHES members can volunteer.

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Water quality monitoring on the englishman river

OrangeBridgeSampling 2


Every other Monday we collect water samples by lowering a rack containing sample bottles into the Englishman River from the Orange Bridge in Parksville. The bottles are sent to a lab in Burnaby for analysis with the results going to Environment and Climate Change Canada. The procedure takes 15 minutes, a little longer for the person dropping the cooler of samples off at the Purolator Drop-off at Island Cleaning Supplies.

community watershed monitoring network

CWMNsampling1Every Tuesday for 5 weeks in August and 5 weeks during the fall flush (October/November), we measure water quality using meters on behalf of the Regional District of Nanaimo Drinking Water and Watershed Protection program. We have two teams: one which monitors 9 sites on the Englishman River and its tributaries and takes between 4 and 5 hours to complete; one which monitors 5 sites on Nanoose Creek, Lantzville, and Craig Bay and takes about 2 hours. 

Forage Fish SpAwning Habitat Monitoring

ForageFishNancyOnce a month we monitor 11 sites on our local beaches for the presence of Pacific Sand Lance and Surf Smelt eggs in partnership with the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute. We have two teams: one team monitors 6 sites while the other team monitors 5 sites. There are two steps to the process. The first step involves collecting sand samples from specific sites on the beaches which takes about 2 hours.




The second step is sieving the samples to isolate the fine sand grains where the tiny eggs are found. This step also takes about 2 hours. 

 Social Media Coordinator

If you are passionate about social media and wanting to increase overall awareness about the importance of our watersheds, contact us! We are looking for someone to develop and implement a social media strategy to increase overall reach, promote our activities, engage our community and increase our online presence.

You need to be a member ($10) and covered under our Streamkeepers Insurance to volunteer. You can join here.  

Healthy ecosystems for future generations – your mark on your community.

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